About us

Just like all great stories, ours started with nothing but pure passion for doing, and hard work. From a very small and humble start grew an affluent family company that just keeps growing and developing.

The role of an accountancy is to guide the client – to help keep the vessel away from the rocks, to navigate the ship so that meanwhile the client can focus on the essential; running and developing the business. We are a family business and as entrepreneurs we truly do understand other entrepreneurs alike, and as a family we also understand families alike. Our goal is to give our client the option to share their journey with us; we want to be there for the everyday life and business, for the ups and downs.

The evolution of Katetuotto to today’s customer oriented accounting firm is a story of the industry’s progress and development over a 40-year span. The most essential piece to this development has always been and always will be the person and their love and passion for what they do.