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Welcome to our accounting firm Katetuotto, established April 19th, 1989. In this family-run company the captain’s hat is worn by Kari Liukkonen. This grey-bearded head of the family has a vast amount of experience with numerous different business types and is also very experienced working in different positions from being a member of a board to consulting. With 40 years of experience, he is a man of many hats. The next generation is also very strongly represented in our office and plays a big role in our everyday work.

Even though we are headed towards a paper-free and all-digital time, an actual living and breathing human being is still the one in our office who is capable of logical thinking, learning from experience, and knows to take in consideration the human factor when necessary.

We have and honor our confidentiality with our clients, which is why you will not find a list of references. We would, however, like to mention that we have long standing relationships with many clients from many business areas. Our accounting and consulting services can support anything from a micro company to a major corporation. Over the years we have also gathered the special skills associated with a performing artist’s accounting needs, and are now one of the leading experts in that area.


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Just like all great stories, ours started with nothing but pure passion for doing, and hard work.From a very small and humble start grew an affluent family company that just keeps growing and developing.